About us

The company Korczynski has been in operation for more than 20 years in Germany and provides innovative Silver jewelry, handmade unique design as well as the popular and commercial collection of Amber and Silver. All products have been produced by hand in workshops in Poland with materials like Amber, Sterling Silver, Silvergoldplated and oxidized finish.

Korcynski Silver offers elegance, originality and variety of ingenious design. The Korczynski Silver collection reflects the charm of the work of the polish jewellery and provides at the same time modern and commercial jewellery. The collections offer attractive, uptodate jewellery and at the same time these pieces of jewellery result in being very wearable for women and affordable to buy

The popular Silver brooches, earrings and necklaces produced exclusively by Korczynski are inspired by different geometric shapes and modern designs. The shapes of the various collections are first of all cleverly drafted and improvised on paper and finally the jewellery will be completed in the workshops

Korczynski provides creative Amber pieces made of genuine Baltic Amber which have been carefully selected and manufactured exclusively by Jan Korczynski who performs modern and exclusive Amber necklaces and different pieces of high quality Amber.